Project Management

Project Management Methodology

iSoftwhere’s project management methodology is based on the Prince2 project management method and the Scrum framework. The methodology and formality of documentation is tailored to the requirements of each project. All projects are managed with respect to the following themes:

  • Business case: Why is the project happening?
  • Organisation: Who is involved in the project and what roles do they have?
  • Quality: What quality aspects determine that the requirements are successfully delivered?
  • Plans: How will the project proceed?
  • Risk: What if something goes wrong?
  • Change: What’s the impact if changes are required? How will they be managed?
  • Progress: Where are we now? Where are we going?

During development, iSoftwhere uses sprints to deliver product requirements. Each sprint, either one or two weeks long, is used to deliver a subset of requirements to the point of being ready for customer review. The sprints continue for the duration of product development. The regular delivery of work as it is done keeps the customer informed throughout product development, makes progress clearly visible, and delivers products that are tailored to customer needs.