CRM Solutions

Outgrowing your Current Software?

There comes a time when a business finds itself limited by the capabilities of standard software packages available on most computers. The contact management abilities of Outlook can only go so far in managing a sales pipeline, managing marketing campaigns and tracking customer conversations. It is a similar story with Excel—while undeniably a great product, it is not the best tool for managing a central repository of sales information ready for sharing amongst employees in sales, marketing, and customer service roles.

Why CRM?

CRM (customer relationship management) software is the solution. Implementing a CRM system lays the foundation for further growth. It does this by providing a collaborative sales management and organisation tool designed to match existing business processes. With the right software tools your business is scalable.

Business case

At iSoftwhere, we believe that it is important to clearly establish the who, what, where and why of how your business will use a new CRM system at the very beginning of the process. This is the business case—the foundation of reasoning for implementing a new CRM system. At this stage we ask a few questions about your business and, using our depth of knowledge and experience in CRM, draft a business case that includes:

  • Reasons: The reasons for a new CRM system and how it will enable the achievement of business strategies and objectives.
  • Options: The options available, including the base business options of doing nothing, doing the minimum or doing something.
  • Expected benefits: The expected benefits of having a new CRM system.
  • Timescale: The timeframe for implementing the system and the period over which the benefits will be realised.
  • Costs: The summary of the costs expected to implement the CRM system and any ongoing operations and maintenance required.
  • Risks: A summary of the key risks associated with the proposed solution.

The business case underpins the rest of the project and provides valuable information required for choosing a CRM system that is right for your business.

Choosing a CRM system

Choosing a CRM system is often a daunting task. There are many products on the market sold by many different vendors. iSoftwhere provides a no-nonsense approach to help your business choose the right CRM system. Some of the key factors that we use in determining which system is right for your business include:

  • Business size
  • Current processes
  • CRM requirements
    • sales force automation
    • customer service
    • marketing
    • business intelligence
    • incentive management
    • workflow and automation
  • CRM vendor’s reputation for
    • company direction
    • customer satisfaction
    • depth of functionality

The length of this process is driven by the requirements of the business. For some businesses it is a simple decision that takes less than a day. For others—for example, government agencies and large organisations—it can represent a process of going to market with an invitation to tender followed by an evaluation and selection process. iSoftwhere has the experience to identify and guide your business through the CRM selection process no matter the size of business, or the complexity of the requirements.

Further Information

iSoftwhere provides the following CRM services:

  • CRM business case and requirements analysis
  • Assistance with choosing a CRM system
  • CRM implementation.

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